Vacuum Hanging

penis vacuum hanging

This segment of our exhaustive guide to all you will ever need to know about penis hanging focuses on vacuum hanging. Learn more about vacuum hanging devices, the drawbacks and costs, as well as the benefits.

penis vacuum hanging

Vacuum Hanging Devices

Two of the most popular Vacuum (VAC) hangers are the AutoXleeve, and VacExtender. Vacuum penis extending. In contrast, traditional hanging devices are very difficult to use and hanger and wrap settings take years, not months to master.

Very experienced users also claim vacuum hanging penile enlargement devices can safely be worn for 1-2 hours continuously. In contrast, a standard hanger can only be worn for 20 minute periods with 10 minute breaks. Longer hanging sets (beyond 20 minutes) imply more hang time and less time wasted during rest periods. Keep in mind, some experts say Vacuum Hanging devices should never be used more than 20 minutes regardless of your level of penile conditioning.

More on Vacuum Hanging Devices

Although a wrap is not an absolute requirement, most VAC hangers, especially those using higher levels of weight (10lbs to 20lbs) find that they absolutely must use medical tape to protect their glans. Normal tape can rip at your skin or leave a nasty residue which is hard to clean. VAC hangers typically use 3M Micropore medical tape which leaves no residue and does not damage the skin.

Medical tape can be used to protect sensitive areas of the glans, coronal ridge, frenulum and even give a bit of extra support to the skin on the shaft. Even with protective medical tape, most men get fluid buildup between the layers of skin in their penis, and some even get blisters during penile lengthening. This is especially true during the first few weeks of VAC hanger use, although this also happens from time to time even with well conditioned tissues.

Some Drawbacks to VAC Hanging

VAC hanging devices have a few disadvantages vs. standard penis hanging devices (in addition to the fluid buildup issues mentioned above). Only 15-20lbs can be used with a vacuum hanger before the silicon sleeve is torn, the device slips off, or the pressure becomes unbearable. In contrast, the weight on a standard hanging device is virtually unlimited.

There are also reports that using a vacuum hanger for many years can cause a raised whitish circle on the glans. In fact, the same effect has been reported with extreme usage of VAC ADS Extenders as well. Some VAC hangers complained that prolonged use over many years has left them with strangely discolored, ugly penises.

The Ongoing Cost of Torn Silicon Sleeves

Most manufacturers give you a few disposable silicon sleeves when you first purchase a VAC hanger. Eventually all the silicone sleeves will tear with prolonged use (or increased Vacuum penis weight).

Replacement sleeves tend to be expensive, and most find that homemade sleeves are often just as expensive if not worse. Over months and years VAC hanging eventually becomes substantially more expensive than traditional penis hanging due to the inevitable need to continue replacing the silicone sleeves.

Vacuum Hanger Pros

  • Sets beyond 20 minutes (less downtime due to reduced rest requirements*)
  • Short learning curve
  • Much more comfortable than traditional hanging devices

Vacuum Hanger Cons

  • Silicon sleeves rip and must be replaced (ongoing costs)
  • It might make your penis ugly (raised whitish circle on the glans)
  • 15lbs to 20lbs maximum weight possible

Hanger Should Match Goals, Budget, and Preferences

When choosing a Traditional vs. Vacuum hanger, consider all the pros and cons of each penile lengthening device. Great penis growth gains can be obtained with either type of hanger, but keep in mind a VAC hanger can only support 15 to 20lbs of weight. If you plan on hanging longer than a year, a VAC hanger might not be the best choice long term.

However, many beginners say a VAC hanger is much more pleasant to use than a traditional penile enlargement hanging device.  There are those who say it is best to start out with a VAC hanger then switch to a traditional hanging device later on. I decided switching between types of hangers was too time consuming, and I knew I wanted to hang for at least a few years. The Bib Hanger made the most sense to me, and mine is still in near perfect condition (I purchased my Bib Hanger back in 2008).

Once you have purchased or built a hanging device, you will need to procure a few more items before you’re ready to start hanging.


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