Varying Your Routine, Measuring & More: Ask the Experts

Varying your routine can help with plateaus; however, only change one thing at a time, to learn what's working and what isn't.

In this Ask the Experts section, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, of, answers questions and addresses comments about varying your penis exercise routine, measuring length and girth, and much more.

Varying your routine can help with plateaus; however, only change one thing at a time, to learn what's working and what isn't.
Varying your routine can help with plateaus; however, only change one thing at a time, to learn what’s working and what isn’t.

Q: I like to change things up frequently in my training to keep my penis guessing, …

… but my gains seem to be stuck. I don’t like doing the same routine over and over, but I need gains. What can I do?

Big Al: It’s important, when you train, to try to alter only one variable at a time. This way you can determine if that particular variable affects your results in either a positive, negative or neutral manner. If the results of a change are positive, then it’s worth keeping; if they’re negative or neutral, then it’s worth dropping (or at least postponing until you’re using a different regimen or you’re at a later phase in development). This is where the “science” of training comes into play.

Some variety is good, if you want to keep your motivation fresh, but you should be doing exercises that have you have proven (through experimentation) to be the most effective. If you don’t give yourself a chance to determine which exercises work best for you, how will you know your training is working? While a post-training pump can be an indicator of an effective routine, it’s the gains that truly determine whether a routine (and its exercises) are truly worth continuing.

Q: So far I have been measuring my best during the first start and stop erection,…

… ie: after doing the length, girth and erect kegels. Could this be deceiving as it could be affected by the type of routine I am doing and the degree of edema etc.?

Big Al: That depends how you see it. Consider this — if you were having sexual relations, your penis would likely swell to that size (and more) after enough time.

Q: I can’t reach my best erection until right before I ejaculate. Is this normal?

Big Al: That is to be expected 🙂 What’s most important when you measure is consistency. If the variables and conditions change each time, you’re likely going to get fluctuations.

penis measureQ: Is there a best way and time to measure? The whole process is starting to stress me out!

Big Al: You can choose to measure under different circumstances e.g. during your morning erections. It’s important that your measuring sessions do NOT become something you start to stress over, as that WILL
interfere with the process. Besides for allowing time to see good gains, measuring once every 2 weeks or so helps to take the pressure off.

Q: I want to experiment with weight hanging…

… but don’t have the funds to purchase one. I’m also not big into trying to make my own elaborate hanger. Is there an easy do-it-yourself hanger that I can use? How can I replace my stretches with hanging?

Big Al: You can make a basic weight hanger with common items, using the following instructions:

Please note: The above hanger may not be suitable for very heavy weights, but if you use enough  padding (such as: foam, silicone strips, etc.) and a tough enough sock (or appropriate substitute), you might  be able to extend the use of it.

A typical weight hanging regimen will have you doing UP TO 3 sets of 20 minutes in one session. Once you are able to do 3×20, you’d increase the wight by 10% or so and reset your time. My advice is to start with a light weight and initially do 2-3 sets of 5-10 minutes MAXIMUM! You have to account for some training momentum, and you’ll also need some time to adjust to this type of precise and demanding training. Do NOT rush into it!

Q: How would I incorporate weight hanging into my routine?…

… I want to concentrate on length one day and squeezes for girth the next.

Big Al: With weight hanging, alternating length and girth days can be a good idea, as weight hanging can be a particularly intense form of training. You can alternate your length and girth days in the following manner:

  • Day 1: Warm up > Hanging- with kegels done between breaks (no more than 50 kegel reps total) > Warm down
  • Day 2: Warm up > Squeezes > Stop and Starts > Warm down

The above can be done on something akin to a Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri schedule.

Note: Kegels act as a counter to the stretch so you get maximum strengthening and flexibility. PLUS an effect similar to what you’d get from the PNF stretch; whereas the Stop and Start done immediately
after your squeezes takes advantage of your penis being already flushed with blood and having maximal tissue (tunica) expansion. It’s also easier to not have to do your Stop and Starts after a hanging session, as your penis would likely be exhausted afterward.

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