Can You Really Wear a Penis Extender Under Your Clothes?

From Phallosan Use Video - Can You Really Wear a Penis Extender Under Your ClothesThe reason why penis extenders are such an effective penis enlargement device is because you wear them for hours at a time. This give a continuous stretch, over an extended period of time, facilitating that new cellular growth for real, permanent enlargement results. (Read more about the physiological processes involved in penis enlargement here – How Does Penis Enlargement Work? A Definitive Guide to a Bigger Penis.)

But, can you really wear a penis extender under your clothes and go about your day?


And, the really great news is with some extenders, like the Phallosan Forte, we’re not just talking about wearing baggy sweats!

Check out this great How to Use a Phallosan Forte extender video, and see how you can wear it even under a pair of jeans!

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