Week 1 PEGym Scavenger Hunt Questions


scavenger-huntHappy Monday, guys!

Here’s Week 1 of the first
PEGym.com Scavenger Hunt!

You must find the answers on PEGym.com. These are specific answers I am looking for, derived from content on PEGym. 🙂 When you have all 3 answers, PM me HERE.  (Please do not send one answer at a time. All 3 must be in one PM.)

You’ll have until September 1st, 2015 at 8 am Central, to submit your answers for Week 1’s Hunt. 1 winner will be randomly chosen from all correct answers.

DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS HERE OR TO ANY FORUM THREAD. Anyone posting their answers, will be disqualified.

maleedge-pro-sku202This week’s prize:
Male Edge Pro!
Valued at: $199.00!!
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Week 1 Scavenger Hunt Questions

Question 1: According to the article by the same name, what are the top 5 penis exercises you could do today?

Question 2: According to the Penis Pumps article, what are the 2 things you should NOT do when choosing a penis pump?

Question 3: According to the article on overtraining, what are the 3 ways you can avoid overtraining?
Good luck!!

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PS: If you have questions, please do not hesitate to PM me. 🙂

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