Week 2 PEGym Scavenger Hunt Questions


scavenger-huntWe had a great Week 1 participation! (Check out the winner of the Week 1 prize HERE.) Now, we’re on to Week 2!

Here’s Week 2 of the first
PEGym.com Scavenger Hunt!

You must find the answers on PEGym.com. These are specific answers I am looking for, derived from content on PEGym. :-) When you have all 3 answers, PM me HERE.

(Please do not send one answer at a time. All 3 must be in one PM.)

You’ll have until September 8th, 2015 at 8 am Central, to submit your answers for Week 2’s Hunt. 1 winner will be randomly chosen from all correct answers.

DO NOT POST YOUR ANSWERS HERE OR TO ANY FORUM THREAD. Anyone posting their answers, will be disqualified.

This week’s prize is:
The Andropenis Gold Extender!
Valued at $239.00!

With over 350,000 satisfied patients, Andropenis Gold has become the Best-Selling penis enlargement device of Andromedical. This medical male enhancement tool has helped men around the world.

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  • Length increase of the penis between 1.2 to 1.6 inches in erect length
  • Up to 1.6 inches length increase in flaccid state
  • Girth increase of up to 0.6 inch
  • Up to 40% correction in penile curvature

Learn more about the Andropenis family of extenders HERE!

Week 2 Scavenger Hunt Questions

1.     According to our comprehensive article on penis extenders, what are the two basic components of an extender?

2.     What are the names of the 11 stretching videos available on PEGym?

3.     According to our Bathmate product page, what percentage of men have success when using the Bathmate bathpump?

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