What Data Should be Recorded for PE Training & More: Ask the Experts

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mecoach male enhancementBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about what data you should be logging and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. When I’m recording data…

…in my MeCoach journal what specifically should I be logging?

Big Al: You’re to log specific exercises, reps/volume, and your EQ for each session.  Length and girth should be updated once every two weeks.  Sexual confidence and libido stats should be updated if there are any dramatic changes.  Notes are appreciated if there’s anything you feel needs mentioning.  The more data you can supply for the purposes of training, the better.

Q. Exactly what signs should I be looking for…

...to ensure I’m performing the exercises correctly?

Big Al: The best way to describe what you seek would be based on your penis’ response.  Tissue stretch is PARAMOUNT!  If you’re performing length work your ligaments then shaft should be stretched and even appear elongated after the session. With girth, the penile tunica/fascia should feel stretched and expanded.  The penis post-girth training should have a “pumped” appearance.  The session should then be capped off with stamina work- resulting in one last maximal tissue stretch.  The feel obtained duirng the Erect Kegel is perhaps the best example of pure tissue stretch possible.

Towards the late part of the cycle the work should be taxing enough to where any more would lead to tissue exhaustion.  Of course, rising conditioning and EQ stats, and increased measurements are a sure sign you’re performing your training correctly as well.

Q. Usually that training fatigue will kick in the day after,…

…so what is the best way to know if I’m doing too little / too much volume? Or do you recommend I just start with the baseline and go from there.

Big Al:  The training cycle’s initial baseline is deliberately low so we have a comfortable zone to work up from.  Signs of fatigue: lowered EQ, soreness lasting more than 24 hours, decreased performance during training, and (eventually) a feeling of revulsion towards training are the most common symptoms.


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