What is a Hydropump? AKA What Makes Bathmate So Special?

Bathmate Hyrdropump Bathpump - penis pump Hercules Full Range

Bathmate Hyrdropump Bathpump - penis pumpIf you’ve been perusing PEGym for any length of time, you’ve likely seen someone mention Bathmate. With that, maybe you’ve even noticed the term “hydropump”.  But, what is a hydropump? And, does it really make the Bathmate that special?

Penis Pumps: An Overview

Penis pumps have been around for several decades. They work on the basic principle of suction. By creating a vacuum, in a cylinder where the penis placed, the suction expands the tissue of the penis.

It’s actually a very effective means of penis enlargement, for both length and girth, because as long as the cylinder is sized properly, you don’t just get force along the length of your penis, like a penis extender or penis hanging or most manual penis exercises, but you also get force around the entire diameter of the penis. As the girth of the penis is sucked outward, you get expansion in all directions. Plus, the vacuum actually sucks blood into the penis, engorging it to a point that most men do not get naturally.

Talk about a rock hard erection!

So, What’s So Special About Bathmate?

Bathmate is a hydropump. Instead of sucking the air surrounding the penis in the cylinder out, like a traditional pump. The Bathmate uses water instead of air to create the vacuum force.

There are multiple advantages:

  • With water, the force created is more uniform around the penis. This means that all veins around the penis are equally stimulated.
  • The hydro-vacuum technology uses warm water. By using warm water, all dirt, oils, dead skin cells, etc. that have accumulated on your skin since your last bath is washed away. This opens up the pores, allowing the skin to breathe. Healthier skin means that it lends itself to being stretched more without breaking – a necessity. You don’t want your erect penis is to be restricted by how much the skin can be elongated.
  • The hydro-vacuum technology is safer. The chances of injury to your penile member are brought down considerably.

This technology, which Bathmate revolutionized ten years ago, is the most effective penis pump on the market today. It’s not surprising that it’s the number one penis pump used here on PEGym, by members looking for increases in penis length, penis girth, as well as improvement in erection quality.

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