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ask kimberlyI have a unique position here at PEGym, as one of only a few women active on PEGym, and the only female staff member, I get quite a few direct messages from members, asking questions or asking for my opinion.

I love these!!

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Ask Kimberly

Q. This is not a question about insecurity because as you know we CAN do something about our size. Instead it’s a question about goals…

… I’m trying to pick a size to stop at but I don’t want to pick a size that women would hate or be scared off by. I recognize the length of the vagina. I recognize each woman is different. I recognize men focus on this more than women do. If it’s up to me, I’d go as big as I could without turning off most women.  So what would be your ideal size and how big is too big for you?

A.  Since you asked about my personal preference, that’s how I’ll answer this one.

Of course, again, all women are different. And, as I’ve said many, many times… a large penis does NOT equal a phenomenal lover.  So, for me, I’d rather have a lover with a smaller penis that was caring, attentive, adventurous, and passionate, then one with a larger penis that wasn’t these things.

However, you asked about size specifically.  And, since I really have never really focused solely on size, I actually had to think about this a bit.

I’d say my preferred size would be between 5 1/2 and 7 1/2″. If I had to pick a specific number, I’d say 6 1/2 inches would be ideal – all other factors the same.

Much bigger than 7 1/2 inches, and we’re talking possibility of hitting the cervix, and that’s not enjoyable. (Although there are women that enjoy that.) So, any guy much larger has to be more careful, and I prefer a guy who can just go crazy and not worry about hurting me.



  1. Great article Kim,
    I know you’re most happy with the significant other as am I with mine. Still, it’s enticing that I’m nearing close to mentioned length. I’ll wear my batman pyjamas tonight, and dream of naughty.

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