Who’s Who: A Q&A with Julian from Phallosan


The following was written for PEGym by a longstanding member of the Male Enhancement Community:

Hi, my name is Julian and I work for the company Swiss Sana AG, the makers and patent holders of Phallosan forte and Phallosan plus.

Swiss Sana AG is family-owned. The complete production facilities and offices are in Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in the world. The company does not work with third parties; the production, email, and phone support are done by our permanent employees.

Phallosan products are only shipped by us and we do not work with any wholesalers worldwide, except those bought directly from a clinic or pharmacy. The reason for this is we want to guarantee 100% knowledge and support from our staff, for your safety and best possible results.

About me:

I’ve been working on Phallosan for 16 years and I am responsible for the product, our websites, videos, and other publications. Everything you see on www.phallosan.com has something to do with me, from the product design to the packaging. I have tested every single product out there and I know what we need and want.

The product has to be safe and tested so no allergic reactions will happen. Most importantly, it has to work, otherwise you have a huge pile of complaints and feel like a thief!

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I can personally say: I LOVE MY JOB. I love the product and I have thousands of emails and letters from wives, teenangers, couples, and men who are so happy with what they have achieved with Phallosan!


AJ: Would you mind giving me your thoughts on if/how male enhancement has become more acceptable (especially in Europe) over the past few years?

Dear AJ,

Europe is a very open-minded continent, but when it comes to the penis, nearly everyone looks away or does not want to talk about it. On the other hand, breast implants and other medical improvements on women are a daily topic on newspapers, magazines, and in the public.

Right now, the focus has started to shift on men and the press is starting to report about problems, issues, and dreams we might have. The main topic, of course, is penis enlargement.

Germany is the number 1 worldwide when it comes to surgical penis enlargement. Due to channels like Youporn and others, men have started to think they have a deficit. Aside from that, women are now talking more about their last experience with “Mr. Big” or “Mr. Small” publicly.

Through this and the fact that there are clear figures regarding which country’s males have a problem with length, products like Phallosan are now here to improve men’s confidence and manhood.

Who can say NO to 2 extra inches, right? No one!


AJ: Do European medical systems offer insurance or other benefits to those seeking to purchase male enhancement products?

Some European countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France offer an insurance and complete takeover of cost when it comes to enhancement products — but — only if the patient has a serious injury, a handicap, after a prostate surgery, suffers from diabetes or from IPP/penis curvature, or micropenis.

Now another but is they only takeover the complete costs if:

  1. The product they want to buy carries a CE Mark
  2. All materials used are proven to be non-allergic and has an ISO Certificate
  3. The product has been clinically tested for over 6 months with at least 50 patients
  4. The clinic who made the study has to be government-owned, not private
  5. And of course, the results have to show a positive outcome.

And to be honest, there is only one product like this on the market: Phallosan forte.

Phallosan forte is available in every single pharmacy in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and the government health insurance takes the complete costs for the product as well as the doctors’ visits.

So the answer is YES. Only one product made it and that is the Phallosan.

All the best,



For more information on the Phallosan device, visit PhalloExtender.com.

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