Why Men Should Wear Underwear… at Least When Running a Marathon

Why Men Should Wear Underwear at Least When Running a MarathonThe commando versus skivvies debate has probably been going on since the invention of underwear.

Those who like their bits and bobble loose and wild, swear going au naturel is the best! Others, who prefer to have their man parts supported and contained, think its barbaric to go about your day free willying it.

However, as a pseudo-public service announcement, let me state my opinion…

Men should definitely wear underwear… at least when running a marathon.

Let Josef Urban’s experience, forever immortalized on the Internet, be a cautionary tale…

Despite finishing an impressive tenth, in the Košice Peace Marathon in Slovakia on October 1st, 2017, the world will likely only remember his privates bouncing joyfully along as he finished this 26+ mile race.

Underwear could’ve prevented this tragedy. 😉

2 thoughts on “Why Men Should Wear Underwear… at Least When Running a Marathon

  1. This is genius. The only man in history to successfully flash the world in a public setting and not end up in cuffs. One for the history books indeed. I’m curious what the spectators were thinking as he went by.

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