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Q. I am planning on starting a routine again, but I did some basic PE stretches pretty consistently for about 8 months tops when I was younger, but stopped….

…Six years later, I have remained the same length and girth, but I am wondering if it would be possible at all for me to start losing any possible “gains” I made all that time ago. I have searched PEGym and other forums regarding this issue, and have seen people say they lost whatever progress they made a few months after stopping. Ultimately, I’m wondering if it is possible to lose any “gains” I made six years after doing PE stretches, or if I would have already lost whatever gains I made long ago, and have nothing to worry about at this point.

A. Losing hard-earned gains is a very valid concern for men doing penis exercises.

First it’s important to understand why gains are lost, in the first place. Penis enlargement gains can occur by three ways:

  1. Improved blood flow to the penis – Even its flaccid state, your penis size relies partially on the amount of blood in it at any given point in time. Even men who are naturally showers – not growers – can see this in action, by jumping into a cold pool. Doing penis exercises will improve the blood flow to your penis. Even indirect exercises – like Kegels – improve blood flow and can result in gains.
  2. Stretched tissue – Penis exercises can show enlargement gains by stretching the tissue cells. Think of it like a woman who gets pregnant, where her stomach skin tissue stretches, but after having the baby, much of it (and for the lucky few – most of it) returns to the pre-pregnancy state. This same stretching can happen with penis exercises.
  3. New tissue growth – The final way penis enlargement gains happen with penis enlargement is through actual new cellular growth, within the tissues. When doing penis exercises properly, consistently, and with the correct amount of force, microtears occur. This then facilitates new cellular growth, as the body repairs these microtears. This process is similar to traditional exercise and the building of muscle mass through exercise.

Now, the first two of these ways to gains can be lost, if penis exercises are stopped. Your body is naturally resistant to change, so it wants to revert to its previous state.  EQ gains are lost when no longer exercising means the blood flow to your penis isn’t as great as it once was. Stretched tissue, is like a rubber – that tissue wants to go back to (as close as possible) to its previous state.

However, new tissue growth is usually pretty permanent.  If you’ve known someone who’s gauged their ears, and slowly, over time increased the size of the hole. If they then decide they no longer want to wear the gauges, much of that hole still remains, because the slow, consistent process has resulted in new tissue growth. Even years later (unless they have it surgically repaired), they’ll still have ear lobes with large holes in them.

So, back to the original question – if the gains you made six years ago, and are still there, if they’ll be lost – the answer is — not likely (for the most part).  If you’ve gone six years without doing penis exercises, and still see your gains, these were most likely made by new tissue growth, so are going to be yours to keep.

Now, as men age, it’s normal that circulatory changes occur, which often results in a decrease in erection quality. For this reason, continuing penis exercises is always a good idea, even if you’re happy with your size, to maximize that blood flow to your penis. Combine this with a regular schedule of cardio exercise, and you can look forward to enjoying those gains and a rock-hard penis, for years to come!

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