Will Male Enhancement Ever Go “Mainstream”?

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Will Male Enhancement Ever Go “Mainstream”?

Another, similar question goes as follows: “If it works, why aren’t more men doing it?”

These questions get asked every once in a while on the forums, and they’re very valid questions. The first question is more complex to answer. For one, the concept of male enhancement as we understand it on the forums — which refers mostly to one’s abilities to increase penis size, enhance erection quality and improve sexual self-confidence and sexual performance — has become a lot more popular than it was 20 years ago. A BIG problem in the late 90s and early 00s when penile enhancement as we know it began its grassroots presence on the internet was its conflation with “enlargement” pills. There were quite a few notable legal cases made against said pill companies due to the problems like fake ingredients and deceptive billing practices.[1] Thankfully, the grassroots movement of the forums pushed on and the community continued to grow and with it, the body of knowledge.

Will Male Enhancement Ever Go Mainstream - Worried man in the bedroom (Shutterstock)
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Since that time, there has been a lot of data which showed that it is an effective and healthy way to raise erection quality, increase penis size, and improve sexual confidence.[2] Much of the data would be considered anecdotal in nature like the evidence provided from trainees in the Success Forum.  There’s also the documented mainstream evidence as noted in the various extender studies.[3]  

Just last year, I was interviewed by C. Brian Smith of MEL Magazine who not only decided to write an article about it, but became a successful MeCoach client as well. He wrote about his experiences here.

This isn’t the first time male enhancement has gotten positive press, though, as can be seen in Salon Magazine’s interview of Michael Salvini (AKA DoubleLongDaddy) of MatterOfSize (read here).

Answering the Question

As far as answering the question “If male enhancement works, why aren’t more men doing it?”, there are some good explanations for this. For one, because it isn’t quite mainstream, there are going to be doubts about it for those who are uninformed. Second, even the most informed trainee is going to need to put in the work. Ironically, many of those who complain the most and the longest about its efficacies fail to try it for themselves. I’ve dialogued with those who have this mindset and the largest obstacle is “Analysis Paralysis”. All of the studying on male enhancement does no good unless an actual commitment is made towards giving the exercises a try.

In short, male enhancement will spread and those who commit to it will make gains. As to whether or not it goes mainstream, this remains to be seen. Truth be told, whether or not this goes mainstream depends in part on the readers’ willingness to share data. It’s the hope that places like the PEGym.com forum will help to facilitate these types of discussions.


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