Win a Phallosan Forte & 14 Days of Phallosan Coaching! 5 Days Only!


Phallosan and meCoach Contest

The good folks of Phallosan and the experts of meCoach are teaming up to bring members this special contest.

For 5 days, Phallosan will be giving away 2 Phallosan fortes PLUS 14 days worth of Phallosan coaching, courtesy of BigAl, founder and head coach for meCoach

That’s a $600.00 value!


10 chances to win!

Entering is easy!

  • Every day, starting May 22nd through May 27th, two trivia questions will be posted in the forums, at the official Phallosan contest thread, located here: Official Phallosan Contest Thread.
  • One trivia question will be posted at 3 pm Central European Time.
  • One trivia question will be posted at 6 pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • The first person correctly answering each trivia question will win!

About the Phallosan forte:

Phallosan Forte Package Penis Extender Male EnhancementThe Phallosan forte is one of the most innovative penis enlargement extenders on the market. It acts gently and effectively and is suitable for all sizes. The unique design of the Phallosan means it’s nearly invisible under your clothing while being worn. Thanks to the Phallosan’s comfort, you can wear it even overnight, without a problem.

About BigAl:

mecoach 300pxBigAl is the founder and head coach at (meCoach). You’ll receive a custom-tailored plan with regular one-on-one coaching via e-mail, Skype or video chat for 14 days, to help ensure you get the most from your Phallosan forte. BigAl and his experts will guide you to success, answer all of your questions and make sure you’re exercising with the Phallosan safely, effectively and efficiently.

Terms and Conditions:  

This contest is open to all members and is being conducted by Phallosan. Those members who already own a Phallosan are not eligible to participate. You may only win once during this contest. You may only have one account. If multiple accounts are detected, you will be disqualified. Questions can be posted on the Official Phallosan Contest Thread.


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