Winter Penis is Coming

winter penis is comingWinter penis is an actual medical phenomenon. Learn what it is and how you can prepare.

“Winter penis is coming.”

It sounds like a quote from a Game of Thrones-themed porno. But, it’s real. A few months ago, we talked about summer penis. Summer penis, if you recall, is a seasonal phenomenon that makes men’s penises look bigger, thanks to increased blood flowing to the penis.

Well, summer’s over.

What is Winter Penis?

As the winter months approach here in the Northern hemisphere, three things happen:

  • The days get shorter,
  • The temperatures get colder and
  • Penises look smaller

Of course, your penis always has the same maximum size potential. However, with the colder temperatures, it can be more difficult for it to reach that maximum size. In addition, your flaccid hang in colder temps is naturally smaller, as your body pulls more blood from its extremities (including your penis) to keep its core and vital organs warm.

What Can You Do About Winter Penis?

Although you can’t prevent winter from coming, there are things you can do to help prevent winter penis. Here are a few:

  • Wear briefs – Wearing tightie-whities will keep your penis and testicles closer to your body, which will keep them warmer than if they’re dangling about.
  • Wear natural fibers – Wool underwear are particularly good at retaining body heat in your nether regions.
  • Keep the rest of your body warm – Wear an undershirt – a sweater – jacket – keep that core warm so your body doesn’t feel the need to pull blood from your penis.
  • Do penis exercises – Doing penis exercises, like jelqing, will help encourage blood into your penis.
  • Use a Penis Pump – Like manual penis exercises, a penis pump will force blood into your penis. A pump, like Bathmate, used in the bath or shower doubles the benefit, with the vacuum and the warmth of the water.
  • Take a Bath or Shower – If you’re finding the cool temps are making it hard for you to get erect at night, try taking a hot bath or shower before you climb under the covers.



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