Partner Doesn’t Enjoy Oral Sex: Ask Kimberly

Partner Doesn’t Enjoy Oral Sex - Ask Kimberly

Partner Doesn’t Enjoy Oral Sex - Ask KimberlyIn our first post in the Ask Kimberly series, I chose this one, because not only did I receive a DM about this topic, but I actually had a friend have this same issue a few years ago, plus I’ve had female friends who’ve commented about not enjoying oral sex. So, I hope this is of value to a lot of you!

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Q. My girlfriend refuses to give me a blowjob. She even says that she doesn’t like it when I go down on her. I don’t know what to do.

First, have you talked to her about this? As I always like to say — Good communication is critical to any relationship.  For this reason, the first thing to do is talk to her and find out exactly why she doesn’t enjoy oral sex. It could be a variety of reasons – some more easily overcome than others.

  • Does she have an issue with your hygiene? I think this is the easiest issue to correct. Even if you’re relatively clean — where you wash those manbits thoroughly everyday and after any sort of physical activity — even sitting around all day can get the man funk going down there. If she has an issue with this, try showering or taking a bath together, before sex. It’s great foreplay and should help her know you’re super-clean.
  • She too may have concern on the receiving end about the whole hygiene thing. We can be pretty insecure about our bodies, and if she’s worried about this, again, some foreplay bathing or showering can really help.
  • Is she worried about her technique? Believe it or not, if your girlfriend has little to no experience with oral sex, she may really worry that she won’t “do it right.” Reassuring her — and communicating what you like if she does give it a try, and praising her when she does, can help her gain confidence.
  • On the flip side, your technique may be off. Remember, even if you’ve had other girls tell you you were amazing at oral sex – what works for one woman doesn’t necessarily work for others. Always start off slowly, pay attention to body cues, and ask her if she likes what you’re doing.
  • Is it too taboo? Even in today’s society, oral sex in some families is simply taboo… nice girls don’t do that… kind of thing.  This is going to be harder to overcome, but not impossible. The big thing is to have open discussions about her feelings and yours.
  • Is there some other issue? Previous sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, and more can all affect a person’s sexual openness. In instances like these, seeking professional counselling is likely your best route.

The most important thing is to to not pressure her. Ever. Physically or emotionally.

Continue to communicate. And, continue to let her know you will love her whether or not oral sex ever becomes part of your sexual repertoire.



  1. “….and continue to let her know you will love her whether or not oral sex ever becomes part of your sexual repertoire” hahahahhahahahahaaahahahhaah lmfao ridiculous advice, the right answer is if she doesn’t start sucking, he is entitled to a side bitch or two.

    • ped – I’m honestly hoping you’re kidding. Is there anything sexually you wouldn’t do? Most people have hard limits on what they’re not comfortable with. Sometimes it’s something as currently mainstream, like oral sex or sex with a same sex partner. Sometimes it’s something more exotic. But, ask yourself this question — if you were really in love with someone, and that person had some sexual desire that you were uncomfortable with, would you think it’s OK for them to have a “side bitch or two”? If you consider that question honestly and maturely, you may have a different, and more compassionate, response to this advice.

      However, if you are truly serious about your response — that if your partner does not engage in every sexual desire you have, you feel you have the right to cheat on that person — then, you definitely have every right to feel that way. Please, let your potential partners know this up front though. You’ll save them and you a lot of time in a wasted relationship this way, because most women would tell you to pound salt, with that attitude.

      Good luck!!

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