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Written by AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

Ask The Experts: Articles Table of Contents

In an effort to assist our members in finding the information they need, as quickly and easily as possible, we’ve created a listing of articles, by category. SECTION: ARTICLES CATEGORY – ASK THE EXPERTS All Day Stretcher and More: Ask …

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All Day Stretcher and More: Ask the Experts

Learn about soreness caused by all day stretchers, excessive masturbation challenges, and how to maximize your conditioning with kegels.

The Angle of Stretches and More: Ask the Experts

This article covers the angle of stretches, information on wet jelqs during warm-up, how to perform shower cool downs, the use of visuals during Stop and Starts, and if foreskin stretching affects gains.

Girth Exercises, PE Safety, Muscle Confusion Principle, and More

This Ask the Experts article answers questions about girth exercises, PE safety, the muscle confusion principle, and overtraining.

Improving Sexual Stamina: Ask the Experts

Learn how to maintain peak sexual stamina, as well as information on kegels, the butcher broom, the stop-and-start exercise, and more.

Keeping Motivated, Soreness After Penis Exercising, and More: Ask the Experts

AJ “Big Al” Alfaro answers questions and addresses comments about a tight member after kegels, fat pad’s role in non-BP length, keeping motivated, soreness after penis exercising, and proper tension stretch exercises form