Bathmate Penis Pump Training Protocol for Male Enhancement – Advanced Pumping and Specialization

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The Bathmate Penis Pump Training Protocol for Male Enhancement was developed by expert male enhancement coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, of

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Following, please find the Advanced Pumping and Specialization section of the Bathmate Penis Pump Training Protocol for Male Enhancement. For other sections, please see the Bathmate Training Protocol Table of Contents.

Written by AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

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Advanced Pumping and Specialization

Graduated Pumping

As you become more proficient in pumping, you might find yourself capable of much more temporary expansion than before. This might necessitate the purchase of a larger pump, but you can still save the old device for use in a graduated cylinder training regimen. This is also known as “staging”.

By the time you’re ready for this type of training you should be capable of pumping for long duration under high pressure. Using the original device, pump until you fill the cylinder (and note the time it took for you to get there). You can follow the standard routine protocol and expand it to suit the expanded time.

The first stage cylinder should be large enough so it takes the full 20-30 minutes to fill. From there, you can change over and resume the process with the larger cylinder. A full pump session of this type may take anywhere between 45 minutes to several hours. We do NOT recommend pumping for more than 3-4 hours at a time, and even the most advanced trainees will need to regularly monitor their penises for any signs of overuse.

Very advanced trainees can pump to enormous dimensions, and use either 2 or even more devices for graduating or even resort to using the massive “Sun Tea Jar” form of pump.

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