Bathmate Penis Pump Training Protocol for Male Enhancement – Combined Training

mecoach_bathmateThe Bathmate Penis Pump Training Protocol for Male Enhancement was developed by expert male enhancement coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, of

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Following, please find the Combined Training section of the Bathmate Penis Pump Training Protocol for Male Enhancement. For other sections, please see the Table of Contents.

Combined Training

Pumping goes very well with other forms of training- especially girth oriented exercise. If you wanted to add an extra dimension to your training you can preceded your assigned girth work with a pump routine. Make sure you start on the low end of the routine (as sampled previously) and keep an eye on your EQ to make sure the extra activity isn’t too much for you. As a matter of fact you should already have high to very high EQ (8-10) if you’re thinking about using combination techniques.