Bathmate Penis Pump Training Protocol for Male Enhancement – Getting Started

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The Bathmate Penis Pump Training Protocol for Male Enhancement was developed by expert male enhancement coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro, of

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Following, please find the Getting Started section of the Bathmate Penis Pump Training Protocol for Male Enhancement. For other sections, please see the Table of Contents.

Written by AJ “Big Al” Alfaro

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll need to do before purchasing a pump is to determine your goals. If you’re training to fix erectile dysfunction (ED), then “size goals” should be secondary. You should select a pump fairly close to but larger than your current size for maximum comfort and manageability.

If your goals are primarily to gain size, you’ll do best to purchase a pump closest to your size goals. If your goals are far above your current size*, you’ll need to make sure to wear the pump high upon your pubic bone and ensure your pubic hair is trimmed to ensure a good seal. Adding a thin layer of lubrication around the base of the device will help.

Instructions for how to use the device are shown below (courtesy of

You can also purchase a sleeve to assist with the wear at

*If your size goals are extremely high you might benefit from purchasing a pump a bit closer to your size goals first. Once you become proficient and are close to being able to expand above the size of the first pump, an additional pump can be used for “staging”- as described later in the Protocol.

The image below will show you how to assess your measurements for selecting the right pump.

In addition to the above, you’ll need to learn how to read the pressure gauge (shown below) to get the most out of your training. You can assess the pressure by setting the device flush with your pubis WITH a full erection. Note where on the label your penis corresponds to and proceed to pump. The gauge measures an approximation of pressure in millimeters of Mercury. (mm Hg). When starting, keep the pressure low- no more than 5 mm, and preferably 3 mm to begin.

Before beginning ANY training regimen it’s important you spend 5-7 minutes warming up. This involves applying heat, manual massage, and light stretching of the penis. Read more about warming up here – Methods for Warming Up Before Working Out.

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