Does the Bathmate Penis Pump Really Work?

bathmate penis pump

bathmate penis pumpIf you’re skeptical about penis enlargement products, you have every right to be!

In a very sensitive and personal industry, the sad reality is there are lots of companies out there trying to just make a buck off of men’s insecurities.

Thankfully, there ARE a select few penis enlargement products that actually work…

… and this includes the Bathmate Bathpump!

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But, don’t take my word for it! Let’s look at some real comments from actual Bathmate users!

(At) the end of my second week of using Bathmate 20 minutes a day I looked down and noticed that there was 5mm gain in my length. – PEGym Member


I have had the Bathmate for 6 months and I am very pleased with it! – Happy Bathmate Customer


I started at 6 inches and nowI am maxed out 6 3/8 after 20-25 min. The last five minutes is at Maximum compression. If I measure circumference, I started at about 6 1/4. Today I was 6 5/8 around afterwards. – PEGym Member


I have tried almost everything. Penis pills, extenders and enlargers, you name it I have probably tried it. (…) In the few weeks since using the Bathmate, the girth has thickened. My erections are much harder, probably because I am pumping blood regularly daily. So far so good, simply put the Bathmate works! – Happy Bathmate Customer


I bought a Bathmate X30 about a month ago and I definitely see changes immediately after pumping. – PEGym Member


The Bathmate penis pump was exactly what I needed. (I)t’s comfortable and the results are very good. I was doing manual PE’s on and off for the last 6 months and since getting the Bathmate, the gains have definitely started to show. – Happy Bathmate Customer


I’ve gained almost an inch in length and quarter inch in girth in 3 months of almost only using Bathmate. I do manual stretches 3days a weektoo. – PEGym Member


It is a lot of fun to use and more importantly – it actually works. – Happy Bathmate Customer


There is a big differnce in my flacid state it hangs longer and thicker then it ever before i used bathmate when i started using bathmate i was hitting 5.5 lenth and now im hitting 6 and some times 6.25 -PEGym Member

This is just a small sampling of positive comments from real customers!

One thing is certain —  The Bathmate Bathpump really works!