Beginner Training: Articles Table of Contents




Ball Pumping 101: Testicle Enlargement

Ball pumping basics – from why you should ball pump to what equipment will help you get the best penis enlargement results.

The Beginner’s Penis Enhancement Checklist

The ultimate checklist every beginning penis exerciser needs.

Believe In Your Penis Gains

Big Al talks about the mental aspect of penis enlargement.

Best Male Enhancement Resources – Beyond the Guide

Beyond the beginner’s guide, this is the guide you need for male enhancement.

Bone-Pressed eXtender Length: Understanding Your BPXL

Details explaining your bone-pressed eXtender length, for those using a penis extender in their penis enlargement routine.

The Dry Orgasm

Dry Orgams – what they are and how to achieve them.

Enlarge Your Penis With the Right Attitude

Attitude is an important component for penis enlargement success.

Fast Penis Enlargement – There Isn’t Such a Thing

Doing too much too quickly with your penis exercises can not only set your penis enlargement goals back, but may cause injury.

Hanging Angle: Directional Penis Hanging

Learn the importance of hanging penis weight in a variety of directions, at different angles for maximum penis enlargement gains.

How to Use a Penis Extender

Discover how to use a penis extender.


Whether you spell it jelqing or jelquing, these are the top five things to watch for.

The Male G-Spot

The G-spot isn’t just for women. Learn where it is and how to use it when masturbating, ballooning and edging.

Penile Extenders 101

Learn all about penile extenders.

Penis Enlargement Guide

If you’re new to penis enlargement, this is where you need to start.

Penis Enlargement Takes Time

Consistency and time are the keys to enlargement success.

Penis Exercising 101 – How it Works, and How it Can Work for You

Here you’ll find the basics about how penis exercising works, so you can have a longer, thicker penis.

Penis Hanger Attachment in Depth

Learn the ins and outs of penis hanger attachment, including troubleshooting and safety.

Penis Measuring – You Don’t Want to Skip It

This article explains the importance of accurately measuring your penis.

Penis Pumping 101 – An Overview

This article explains the many facets of proper penis pumping.

Phallic Fallacy: Penis Myths of Enlargement Exercises

Is it myth or fact? Find out in this interesting article uncovering the truth behind the common beliefs.

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to Help Penis Growth!

Learn what physiologic indicators are and how they’ll help your penis growth.

Private Penile Enhancement

Privacy is an important facet of penis exercising. Here you’ll learn some ways to get the privacy you need and maximize the time you have alone.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Penis Exercising

These are the 7 deadly sins you need to stay away from with penis exercising, to ensure success.

Six Penis Extender Buying Tips

Before you buy your penis extender, check out these six great tips!

Waylanders Shower Routine

PEGym member, Waylanders’, handy penis enlargement shower routine.

Your First Penis Enlargement Workout Routine

The best work out for beginners to maximize your penis growth, during the first 5 weeks of your penis exercising.


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