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Written by: Rob Michaels

Improving Sexual Stamina: Ask the Experts

Stamina is important to a healthy sex life. Butcher's broom, erect kegels, and the start/stop method can get you there.In this Ask the Experts section, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro answers questions about maintaining peak sexual stamina. He covers kegels, the butcher broom, the stop and start method for stamina control, and more.

Penis Injuries

penis-injuriesIn this article, Big Al discusses penile injuries that may occur because of improper exercise techniques, trauma, and/or negligence.

Penis Growth Takes Time

iStock_000015137613XSmall-penis growth takes timeFind out how long it takes to see results and a few ways to get you to your goal quicker. In this article, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro discusses patience as a key factor in making penis enlargement gains.