Breaking Through a Male Enhancement Growth Plateau

plateauplateauing articleYou’ve been working your penis exercise routine faithfully. You’re seeing good gains and feel good about your progress. Then, all of a sudden, that progress stalls! Known as ‘hitting a plateau,’ it can be the bane of many PE’ers existence. Let’s look at how to break through a growth plateau.

Scroll down to learn more about plateauing. What does it mean to hit a plateau? Why does it happen? What can you do to break through a growth plateau? And much more!

Written by: Rob Michaels


1 The Essentials of Breaking Through a Male Enhancement Growth Plateau
2 What Does it Mean to Hit a Growth Plateau?
3 Why Do Plateaus Happen?
 3.1 Body Adaptation
 3.2 Improper Technique
 3.3 Inconsistency in Your Routine
 4 What Can You Do To Break Through a Growth Plateau?
 4.1 Steps to Break Through a Penis Enlargement Growth Plateau
 4.2 Examples of Breaking Through a Male Enhancement Growth Plateau
5 Summary


  • Plateaus occur when your body’s progress comes to a halt, despite not changing your routine.
  • Plateaus can also artificially occur if you’re not performing your exercises correctly or are inconsistent.
  • Changing up your exercises, using interval training, and ensuring rest periods to let your body heal can help you break through a plateau.



plateau penis exerciseThe human body was designed to adapt to change. This adaptability is what allows penis enlargement exercises to work. However, after a certain point, your gains in growth come to a screeching halt.

This is the infamous plateau!

Don’t worry. Most men hit a plateau, at some point in their penis exercise routine. It is completely normal. Plus, there are ways to break through that plateau! Before we get into how to beat a plateau, we need to understand them better. Let’s take a look at why plateaus happen.


Plateaus happen for a variety of reasons:
effect of plateau

    • Body Adaptation –
      This is the most common reason for plateauing. Our bodies are incredibly adaptable to change. In fact, it’s this adaptability that allows us to change our penis size.
      The tissues in your penis “adapt” to the physical stresses encountered with penis exercises, by creating new cellular growth, resulting in more length and girth. However, after a certain point, a level of stasis is reached. What used to cause growth, now just keeps you at the same point, because you body has completely adapted to the stimulus (exercise).


    • Improper Technique –
      Plateaus can happen sometimes due to improper technique. Perhaps you weren’t performing the exercise properly in the first place, but any stimuli (even incorrectly performed stimuli) can result in a small change.
      Also, improper technique can happen as we grow familiar with an exercise. At first, we often try extra-hard to do things correctly, but this sometimes slips as we feel we’ve become familiar with how it’s done. Either way, a plateau can happen.


    • Inconsistency in Your Routine –
      Although, as mentioned, any stimulus can result in change, only by exercising your penis regularly can you hope to maximize your enlargement efforts. At the beginning of any exercise program (penis enlargement or otherwise), most people are pretty gung-ho. They start off strong and motivated, but then their efforts begin to falter. This inconsistency can result in a plateau being reached long before your routine would’ve maxed out.



The most common misconception about breaking through a growth plateau is you just need to work harder.


Working harder — more reps and/or higher intensity — can actually lead to a fatigued penis that is counterproductive to gains. Instead it’s time to take a look at what you’ve done, what’s worked in the past, and work smarter, not necessarily harder.

Steps to Break Through a Penis Enlargement Growth Plateau

  1. Review What You’ve Done – Look back at your exercise logs and see when you’ve made your most gains and what you were doing. Evaluate if you’re still doing these things. Remember, a plateau may be because you’re not as consistent with your exercise as you used to be.
  1. Review Your Technique – Are you truly performing the exercises correctly? Here on PEGym, we have videos on a wide variety of the most popular penis exercises, as well as detailed written instructions. There are also amazing books available, like Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargementthat detail everything you need to know about penis enlargement. There are also a whole slew of experts on our forums, who can help answer your questions about technique.
  1. Change it Up – Once you’re sure your plateau isn’t due to inconsistency in your routine or improper technique, it means your body has adapted to the exercises you’re doing. Now’s the perfect time to change it up. Try some different exercises or use a different angle for the exercise you’ve been doing. There are numerous versions of many exercises – like the jelq – that can keep your body guessing and help you break that plateau.
  1. Interval Training – Interval training is used when you exercise other parts of your body, why not the penis? Changing up your routine to incorporate both high intensity and low intensity exercises will keep the tissues of your penis on their figurative toes.
  1. Rest Periods – Remember, the reason you realize gains with penis enlargement is the micro-tears created when you exercise, they are due to the recovery period after the exercise, when new cellular growth repairs those tears. Make sure you have rest days in your routine, to allow yourself to heal and realize those gains.

Example of Breaking through a Male Enhancement Growth Plateau

Sometimes breaking through a male enhancement growth plateau means experimenting, to find what’s causing the plateau, and what the best fix is. The key is to review what you’re doing now, fix any inconsistencies or improper techniques, and if that still doesn’t result in gains, try to change your exercises, or add interval training, or ensure you have rest periods.

Make one change at a time and be sure to measure, to find what works!

plateau flowchart

Let’s try this with a faux-real world example, of how it could go for you.

  • You’ve been exercising your penis for 6 months, and have seen regular gains. Then, all of a sudden, your gains stall.  You’ve hit the dreaded plateau.
  • You review your exercise journal and realizes you’ve been skipping quite a few days.
  • You make a renewed effort, and follow your routine faithfully, and begin to see gains again.
  • However, a couple of months later, you hit a plateau again.
  • You check your journal and know you’re working out per your planned routine. You also double check your technique and ensure you’re doing everything correctly.
  • You then decide to try changing your routine, to break the plateau, and change your regular jelqs to V-jelqs.
  • You monitor your progress, and you’re still on the plateau, so you add the Phallosan extender to your routine.
  • Again, you monitor your progress and begin to see gains again.
  • You know if you hit a plateau again, before you reach your goal, you can change up your exercises again, maybe add hanging with the LG Hanger to your workout, or try interval training, with bursts of more intense training, to keep your body guessing and moving forward.
  • You’ll also ensure you take rest days, giving your body a chance to recover and grow.



Plateaus are a normal part of penis exercising. At a certain point, if you continue the same exercise routine, eventually your body will reach it’s maximum amount of change, for that routine. Growth gains stall and you stand frustrated on a plateau. This plateau can also be reached if you’re not performing the exercises correctly, or if you’ve become inconsistent in your efforts. The good news, even if your plateau is due to your body adapting to your exercise, by changing up your exercises or employing interval training, you can break through that plateau and restart your gains!