Video: Penis Enlargement with the Phallosan Forte

penis hanging or penis exercises

Phallosan has come up three new informational videos. This second video discusses penis curvature (Peyronie’s Disease). Watch the video below and learn how the Phallosan Forte can help you, if you suffer from penis curve.  

Do I Need a Bigger Penis?

do i need a bigger penis

I get quite a few private messages through our forum and direct e-mails from members. One of the most frequent questions I get is — Do you think I need a bigger penis? The correspondence usually begins with a lead in …

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What is the Priapus Shot?


While out with friends this weekend, one of my friends asked me, “So what’s up with this Priapus penis enlargement shot?” I admit; I was stumped. To my chagrin, I hadn’t even heard of it. So, I’ve done a little …

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