The Dangers of Excessive Kegeling

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We have a very special post today, from one of our amazing moderators, HansTwilight.  HansTwilight talks today about the dangers of excessive Kegeling.  Derived from his own personal (and painful) experience, he gives us unique insight into what can happen when …

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Edging Toward MMO

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The two paths of training I use exercising for male multiple orgasm are: Kegel/reverse kegel training and Edging This article focuses on edging — specifically how to use edging to develop male multiple orgasm. Start with Stop and Start Edging …

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Improving Sexual Stamina: Ask the Experts

Improving Sexual Stamina Ask the Experts

In this Ask the Experts section, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro answers questions about maintaining peak sexual stamina. He covers kegels, the butcher broom, the stop and start method for stamina control, and more.

Kegel Studies

Kegel Studies - books and laptop

So how effective are kegels? Two studies by leading scientists show that they may just be more beneficial for you than erection drugs.

The Dry Orgasm

the dry orgasm

The point of this article is to describe what Dry Orgasms (DO) are, and to provide specific guidance for men wishing to learn how to have these types of orgasms.