Improving Sexual Stamina: Ask the Experts

In this Ask the Experts section, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro answers questions about maintaining peak sexual stamina. He covers kegels, the butcher broom, the stop and start method for stamina control, and more.

The PE Gym is Looking For Editors

We are amping up our quest to bring penile exercising mainstream and publish professional, insightful male sexual health articles to the masses. The next version of our website will have several new articles each week (free, of course), with special …

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What is the PEGym? is a free male sexual health site with up-to-date information on penis enlargement, penile exercising, and more. The PEGym was created in 2005 to hold the penis enlargement survey results. Shortly after the site’s launch, the site founder decided …

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Best Male Enhancement Resources – Beyond the Guide

Whether you’re impatient to begin your penis exercise routine, or whether you’re still looking for the best male enhancement information, professional opinions, or encouragement along the way, we’ve got the information you need.

Clamping Guide

Clamping is very advanced, slightly dangerous, a little bit of fun, and great for building girth – so it’s no wonder many advanced users find this combination tempting. Just don’t start too soon, or you can cause temporary impotence.

End of the Rainbow!

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You finally captured Lindsey the Leprechaun and her pot of gold! Here are your discount codes! Save $17 off any Bathmate Bathpump Click and use Coupon Code: BATHMATESTPAT17 or Save $17 off the Phallosan Forte Use Coupon Code: PHALLOSANSTPAT17 But, SHHH! …

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