The Male G-Spot

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This article explains a unique and widely unknown male erogenous zone known as the “Male G-spot”, its anatomical location, and how to make it a source of pleasure for help with masturbation, edging, and ballooning principles.

The Importance of Stamina Work

Importance of Stamina Workout Penis Enlargement Exercises

This article helps to encourage the reader to understand the importance of stamina exercises and how they are part of a “complete and balanced” Penis Enlargement exercise routine.

Private Penile Enhancement

Private Penile Enhancement

Privacy is Important When It Comes to Penile Enhancement Whether you are new to Penile Enhancement (PE) or a veteran, there will most likely come a time when you will find that privacy for PE sessions can be limited. Whether …

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DIY Velcro Strap Innovation for Penis Extenders

DIY velcro strap innovation for penis extenders

This article explains how to make a strap out of Velcro for your penis extender which will be able to hold more tension than the factory rubber ones that come with a strap design penis extender.