Winter Penis is Coming

winter penis is coming

Winter penis is an actual medical phenomenon. Learn what it is and how you can prepare. “Winter penis is coming.” It sounds like a quote from a Game of Thrones-themed porno. But, it’s real. A few months ago, we talked …

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What Is Male Menopause?

male menopause andropause

Menopause. It’s probably one of the most dreaded words in the female language, but guess what, guys, it’s something you should be watching for as well. Male menopause is a real thing. What is Male Menopause? Known as andropause, male …

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How to Build a Stronger Heart

How to Build a Stronger Heart

A strong heart is critical to overall health. But, it’s also super-critical to your sexual health. A healthy cardiovascular system means you’ll have the hardest erections possible, with the most athletic stamina to use them. (No tiring out mid-coitus!) So, …

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