How to Build a Stronger Heart

A strong heart is critical to overall health. But, it’s also super-critical to your sexual health. A healthy cardiovascular system means you’ll have the hardest erections possible, with the most athletic stamina to use them. (No tiring out mid-coitus!) So, …

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Chemical Penis Enlargement

This topic pops up in the forums every now and again. The posts usually start by saying something along the lines of… I’m into (or just starting) body building and am taking (or thinking about taking) HGH. What do you …

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Signs and Symptoms of Penile Cancer


Although rare, penile cancer is a serious disease. Early detection and treatment is critical. Surgery is the most common treatment for all stages of penile cancer. Other options include radiation and chemotherapy. Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection may increase the risk of penile …

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