6 Penis Hanging Tips

penis hanging

Penis hanging is an effective way to get the  penis enlargement results you’re looking for. The key to any enlargement gains is due to the force being placed on the penile tissues, resulting in microtears in the cells. These microtears …

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How to Choose the Best Condom Size

woman condom size

Everyone knows wearing a condom is one of the best ways of protecting yourself against sexually transmitted diseases, as well as guarding against an unplanned pregnancy (outside of abstinence, and what fun is that?). Although schools in many countries teach …

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Penis Warm-Up Methods: Heating Up Before Working Out

Before doing any penis enlargement exercise you should always do a full penis warm-up. Warming your penis prepares it for stretches and helps prevent injury. A fully warmed-up penis maximizes the benefits of any penis exercise session.

Penis Injuries

In this article, Big Al discusses penile injuries that may occur because of improper exercise techniques, trauma, and/or negligence.