Chartham Penis Enlargement Study

blue tape measure - Chartham Penis Enlargement Study
Studies have reported losses of 1/3 of an inch to over an inch, after prostate cancer treatment.

In the book Penis Enlargement Methods, author Gary Griffin cites the Chartham Study, which was conducted by Dr. Brian Richards from England in the 1970s.  The study was sent for publication to the British Medical Journal as well as the British Journal of Sexual Medicine.

blue tape measure - Chartham Penis Enlargement Study

The Study

30 men enrolled in a penis enlargement program—with similar penile exercises to the ones found on, website that encompasses everything penis. The bulk of the program included warming up and using various other penile exercises. In total, the study lasted three months.

The Results

By the study’s end, 28 men “demonstrated permanent and verifiable enlargement.” Accoring to Griffin, the concluding results were:

  • Average length increase: 1.04” (2.65 cm)
  • Average girth increase: .803” (2.04 cm)
  • Smallest increase in length: 0.94″ (2.4 cm)
  • Greatest increase in length: 1.4″ (3.6 cm)
  • Smallest increase in girth: .55″ (1.4 cm)
  • Greatest increase in girth: 1.22″ (3.1 cm)

Dr. Brian Richards indicates another interesting point in the conclusion:

“At the start we interviewed most participants AND their wives/girlfriends. For the most part the women expressed unconcern and lack of enthusiasm about penis size. However, re-interviwed later when the trials were over there was a dramatic increase in those who found penis size interesting and valuable and who declared they were pleased with the increase and the unexpected effects this produced in themselves. At the time I had my doubts about penis size relevance. This, more than anything else, dispelled that misconception.”


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