Penis Clamping FAQ and Tips

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Starting to using penis clamps to help improve your penis girth? Don’t start without first reading the common tips, FAQs, and other important penis clamping information.

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Penis Clamping Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should I leave the penis clamp on? After you get the hang of clamping, the basic rule of thumb per clamping session is 10 minutes. Leaving the clamp on for 10 minutes is the safest way to clamp. You can always add more sets if you do not believe you are getting a maximum workout.

2. While penis clamping, my erection slowly subsides quite a bit, is this normal? Yes. This is completely normal. However, your penis should still be engorged and plumped. If it consistently turns completely flaccid, try clamping down a few more notches, changing your wrap, or adding another clamp.

3. Does penis clamping help with length gains? In most cases the answer is no. However, clamping has created minute length gains for some.If you are having trouble gaining length, try some advanced length exercises. If you still can’t gain length, try a penis extender, like the Phallosan Forte.

Penis Clamping Tips

  • When you first start penis clamping, do 1 day on and 2 days off. Over time, move up in the number of days on, if needed.
  • Kegel throughout the whole clamping session. This continually pushes more blood into the penis, creating greater expansion.
  • Wait five to ten minutes between clamping sets. This will minimize the chance of an injury occuring, and maximize gains.
  • While clamped, get up and move around if possible. This causes more blood to flow to the penis, creating more of an engorgement.

Other Penis Clamping Information:

  • Although many people advocate penis clamping behind the balls, there are many delicate tissues in the testicles that could be damaged by clamping this way. These tissues include nerves, arteries, the vas, and more. Damaging any of these tissues could cause problems with sperm production or worse (such as ischemia of the tissues, leading to tissue death and gangrene). Your best bet is to clamp as close to the pubic bone as possible.

penis with penis clamp behind testicles

  • Desensitizing is when a man has difficulties maintaining an erection due to excessive porn watching. If you use porn as your method of stimulation, be cautious of this. If you believe you are desensitizing due to the porn, try another method of stimulation. Read more about porn’s effects on male enhancement here —  The Slippery Slope of Pornography and the Negative Effects on Male Enhancement
  • If one penis clamp is not enough to stop the blood outflow, then try using multiple clamps. But before you try this, make sure you are wrapping tight enough. In most cases, a tighter wrap will be enough to stop the blood outflow. You can place the second clamp at the base, or place it an inch below the glans as shown below.

Suggested Beginning Penis Clamping Routine:

3, 10 minute clamping sessions — totaling 30 minutes. One day on, One day off.

This is the third installment of the Penis Clamping Guide.

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