Controversies With the Penis Enlargement Survey

Controversies With the Penis Enlargement Survey

Without a doubt, the biggest confusions and controversies of the penis enlargement survey revolve around the following topics.

Controversies With the Penis Enlargement Survey

Penis Enlargement Pills

Many people believe that penis enlargement pills do not work, even combined with exercises. The data from the penis enlargement pills analysis suggests that, at the very least, further testing is needed.

That said, out of all the questions analyzed in the survey, the penis enlargement pill question is also open to scrutiny. The reason being that the size of the group of men who did take penis enlargement pills was drastically smaller than the group that did not take penis enlargement pills.

Masturbation, Ejaculation & Penis Enlargement Gains

This is a two-sided argument. Several men believe that ejaculating shortly after a workout affects gains; while others strongly disagree.

The results of the penis enlargement survey suggests that perhaps it’s not masturbation that affects penis enlargement gains, but maybe it’s ejaculating shortly after a workout that does.

Either way, we do not recommend anyone stop masturbating for a few extra millimeters, as the effort would probably not be worth the reward.

Weaker Erections

While most of the men experienced a harder penis due to penile exercising, 4 percent of the men did in fact experience a weaker penis.

This is most likely due to overtraining, which should give men who exercise their penis more motivation to avoid going overboard and to instead use penis enlargement exercises with the mindset that penis health comes first.

Warm-up, Darkening, & Penis Enlargement Gains

It is commonly believed that a warm-up helps maximize gains along with alleviating the darkening affect. The survey results suggest otherwise. This, however, isn’t to say we should all throw away our heating pads and infrared lamps.

Using a warm-up is the safest known way to exercise the penis. Similar to exercising at the gym, skipping out on the warm up most likely leaves the penis more prone to an injury. Additionally, for many men, using a warm-up causes less bruising and skin problems.

And really, who knows, the results of the penis enlargement survey could be completely off here – or their may be variables that weren’t accounted for (such as several of the men who warmed up could also have warmed down after a workout, which we don’t recommend). Either way, using a warm up before a penis enlargement workout makes the most physiological sense.

A curved penis

The results of the survey show that 10 percent of the men reported a penis curve that was not their prior to using penis enlargment exercises. (Learn more about a curved penis in our article: What is Peyronie’s Disease? Learn How to Cure a Bent Penis

However, the survey didn’t account for two things:

  • The severity of the curve. The ancetodal reports of men on penis enlargement forums lead us to believe that the curves probably weren’t too noticable, except for the man who sees his penis every day.
  • The fixing of pre-curves. The survey didn’t ask if using penis enlargement exercises fixed a curve, but no doubt it has for several men.
  • What exactly caused the curve. Curves due to penis enlargement exercises are most likely caused by using improper technique. It’s important to exercise all parts of the penis equally. Meaning, when you jelq, make sure you start at the base and stroke the entire penis (excluding the head). Also, make sure if sure you exercise both sides of the penis equally. A quick look at the penis anatomy, shows that the penis is made of three circular chambers. If you exercise one side of the penis more than the other, then that chamber will get bigger. As a result, the penis curves.


The best way to receive this information is with an open-mind. As stated in the beginning, the penis enlargement survey didn’t by any means set any of the above points in stone. Rather, it laid the groundwork for future studies. It also gives men who exercise their penis a general idea of what worked for other men on a mass scale.

This is the third installment of the Penis Enlargement Survey.

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