Device Based Training, the Jelq Free Routine, Genetics, and Mindset: Ask The Experts


Big Al, of, answers questions about Device based training, the Jelq Free routine, Genetic potential, and developing a positive mindset.

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Q. So you’ve proven that you can gain without using devices…

…something which other specialists don’t agree on!

Big Al: Most male enhancement trainees I know have made gains with manual exercises, though there are a few notables who’ve made massive gains with devices.

Q. I own a bathmate x30. Now with that I really see the benefits and I used it to warm up before doing your Jelq Free routine.

Many guys say that the bathmate is really the best thing out there. What do you think? It’s just a moment thing where you see the erection and vascularity?

Big Al: Pumping can be an excellent way of adding size, but a full pumping routine requires dedication- as results seem to accelerate once one is able to train past the 20-30 minute mark. For now, you may use the pump for your warm ups and warm downs. Use for 5-7 minutes each with very warm water and moderate pressure.

Q. Can I achieve the most of my genetic potential with just your Jelq Free routine and Bathmate?

In 3 years let’s say? Would my penis get used to that like any other muscle and stop growing. Or is the penis, a more easy to trick organ?

Big Al: The penis is composed of smooth muscle tissue- which is different from skeletal muscle. The exercises are passive in nature in how the muscle tissue is affected. That being said, few people ever approach their true genetic potential.

A good example of just how much expansion is possible (and even in a very brief time) can be seen here: Megalophallus. NOTE- The aforementioned link is NOT meant as an instructional guide!

The format of the Jelq Free is modular, so as you gain in conditioning we can switch out to more challenging exercises.

Q. What would you say about mental awareness during sex.

I heard pornstars think of bad things or unpleasant experiences during sex to last more. What have you discovered it works best for you in lasting more besides you usual routine?

Big Al: This is a good question, and your mention of pornstars puts it into a certain perspective. There can be negative conditioning effects when using outside stimuli during sex.

I HIGHLY recommend you review the following in full: The Detraining Effect: Understanding and Reversing Negative Habits To Improve Erection Quality and Sexual Confidence.