Edging for Increased Sexual Stamina & Penis Enlargement

edgingedging articleOne of the best exercises to incorporate into your penis exercising routine is edging. It not only helps improve the penis three ways: building sexual stamina, improving hardness, and making your penis bigger, it also adds a little bit of fun to your penis workouts.

Scroll down to learn more about edging. What is edging? How do I edge to help control premature ejaculation? Can edging help erectile dysfunction? How do I edge for penis enlargement? And much more!

Written by Kimberly Wylie


  •  Edging is a form of penis exercises through masturbation, where you stop before you reach the point of no return, then resuming masturbation.
  • This exercise can be a useful exercise for those suffering from premature ejaculation as it helps you learn to recognize the point of no return, as well as can help desensitize you to physical sexual stimulation.
  • Edging can help men with erectile dysfunction, by encouraging bloodflow to the penis – making it healthier. For those suffering from ED due to psychological components, edging can also build confidence.
  • Edging’s ability to increase blood flow into the penis, makes it a perfect compliment to any enlargement routine.


edging keep calmEdging, sometimes known as peaking or surfing,  is a very straight-forward sexual exercise. In a nutshell, edging is masturbation with stopping right before you reach the point of no return (PONR).  It can be performed either alone or with a partner. For advanced edgers, this exercise can also be performed during actual intercourse. Once your urge to ejaculate has subsided, you repeat the process as many times as you’d like.

The purpose of this exercise is to learn your body cues as you near orgasm. This, ultimately, will give you better orgasm control.

Once you decide to allow yourself to climax, the orgasm is incredibly intense, due to the build-up of sexual stimulation.


edging premature ejaculationBy building up over and over again with edging, you’re training your brain to learn how to gain complete control of your ejaculations. You will learn how close to the point of no return you can get, without losing control. With enough practice, as well as strong pelvic floor muscles from doing Kegels, you’ll be able to control when you ejaculate.

During intercourse, you’ll recognize how far you can be sexually stimulated, and then either slow down, change position, or pause, until the urge to ejaculate passes. For men who find themselves ejaculating with very little sexual contact, edging can help desensitize you to sexual stimulation.

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erectile dysfunctionEvery time you get an erection you’re exercising the smooth muscle of the penis. This reinforces a harder and healthier penis. Edging is the most beneficial form of an erection, because during a proper edging session you are near your peak size and hardness for a large amount of time.

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, due to psychological reasons, this can give you the confidence you need, the next time you’re about to have sex. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction is due to a vicious psychological cycle, where failure to get or maintain an erection leads to anxiety in the bedroom. This anxiety than becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, leading to more erection difficulties. Proving that you can get and maintain an erection, through edging, can help allay this anxiety.

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ballooningAlthough edging most likely won’t work on its own for penis enlargement, many men find that in combination with the standard exercises (jelqing, penis stretching, and girth exercises), it can dramatically help promote growth.

As mentioned earlier, edging keeps your penis in it’s hardest state for a significantly longer time than simple masturbation or sexual intercourse. This causes the tissues in the penis shaft to stretch, which can facilitate growth. Additionally, the increased amount of nutrient-rich blood flowing into the penis, is critical to healing the microtears created with other penis exercises, leading to both length and girth enlargement.

That said, a few men have found that ballooning, an advanced form of this exercise, has allowed them to grow without additional exercises.


  1. Edging InfographicSet Aside Time and Find Privacy – The best edging sessions are at least twenty minutes, so privacy and no distractions are the best conditions to start an edging routine.
  1. Use a Good Lubrication –  Use a good lubrication, whether it be baby oil, Essential Vein Oil, or a penis lubricant designed specifically for penis exercising (such as Enlargel). Some lubricants, like KY Jelly, dry too quickly for a good edging session.
  1. Begin Masturbation – Stroke the base of your erect penis and slowly move up toward the frenulum. The frenulum and the head are the most sensitive parts of your penis, so avoid the frenulum unless you have complete control of your urge to come, or you are ready to ejaculate. Remember, one of the goals of edging is to learn how to be in control of your biological sensations.
  1. Nearing the PONR – If you feel an urge to ejaculate, start to move back down to the base again. Keep the strokes slow at first and avoid stroking too fast until you have mastered this exercise.
  1. Reaching the PONR – If you keep going past this point, you’re going to orgasm. Completely stop all sexual stimulation. Wait until the immediate desire to orgasm leaves and then resume stroking your penis. While you are waiting for the sensation to subside, try taking deep breaths. Rub the family jewels. Explore other sensations of your body.


  • Going past the point or no return. You may accidentally ejaculate too early on occasion. This is all part of the learning process. Overtime, you will understand your body and your penis more, and will be able to edge closer to the PONR. As a general rule, when you feel the build up of ejaculate in the base of your penis, stop masturbating.
  • Dry orgasms. Some men notice after a few months of performing this exercise consistently, when they stop right at the PONR, they have a dry orgasm. In other words, they “come” without ejaculating. This is a very spiritual experience.
  • Try something closer to the real thing. For premature ejaculation, you may want to try the Performance Trainer. The sensation of the Performance Trainer is the closest thing you’re going to get to actual sex. This trains your brain to get used to the feeling of sex without the urge to ejaculate. Another edging product to help mimic actual intercourse is the Fleshlight.
  • Can’t last more than a few seconds? If you tend to come in the first minute, you may want to try ejaculating first. Then wait until you are able to obtain an erection again to start your edging session.


Edging is a great exercise to not only increase your stamina but also to facilitate penis enlargement. It can be performed on your own, with masturbation, or during intercourse with a partner. The idea is simple. Bring yourself to the point-of-no-return and then pause to allow the urge to ejaculate to subside, before restarting. However, as simple as the concept is, it does take time and practice to master. This is practice you can definitely enjoy!