EQ as a Training Guide & Super Kegel Increases: Ask The Experts


EQ as a Training Guide & Super Kegel Increases: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about EQ improvement & starting pump sizes.

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Q. You mention using EQ as a guide for how to tell how a training cycle is coming along.

What are some of the things I should be looking out for?

Al: At the start of a cycle- especially if you’re new to training- you should see a notable increase in EQ. There may be some days along the cycle where there are dips and surges, and much of what you do outside of training will influence this. That being said, if you’re successful you should note an overall increase in EQ over the course of the cycle with a peak/plateau towards the end. This is accomplished by adding volume each session and (slowly) adding intensity over the course of the cycle.

Once you’ve plateaued, this is when you can take your rest break. This will afford a deep level of recuperation, and you may note a spike in erectile activity a few days into the break.


Q. I’ve been performing the Super Kegels exercise.

It’s definitely more challenging, the first set I tried I was able to get up to 80 seconds and the 2nd second set I held on this 100 seconds but I did not stop to refresh, I just stimulated continuously while I was holding the kegel and form like how I had done for my erect kegels previously. Not sure if this is the correct form?

Al: That’s fine for a good first attempt. Keep the two rep set up and 100 seconds on the 2nd rep, but attempt to add 5-10 seconds to the first rep each session. When you get to 100 seconds for both reps, add a third rep (attempt 10-20 seconds with the new rep).