Erect Kegel Pauses, Rest in Stretched State & Tool Use: Ask The Experts


Erect Kegel Pauses, Rest in Stretches State & Tool Use: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about Erect Kegel pauses, rest in the stretched state & tool use.

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Q. I see you mention often about not stopping more than three times…

…during an exercise in order to refresh your erections. I often have to stop to do this for my Erect Kegels. Is there a way around this?

Al: Optimally, you should attempt to stimulate yourself DURING the kegels. This is fine as long as stimulating doesn’t interrupt the form of the exercise. If you do need to stop, you may still pause up to three times during the exercise.

Q. After doing more and more research on theories I wanted to get your input.

The rest in a elongated, fat position, keep elongated with All day stretchers, what’s your take away on that?

Al: Stretching in the rested state is good if you’re engaging in high volume/low intensity training OR if you’re using a suboptimal load with high intensity training. I don’t recommend it in conjunction with a full high intensity routine due to the negative recovery effects observed.

I advocate for rest periods. Time and time again, it’s been observed tissues grow after rest.

Q. I am not a fan of pumps but those other manual tools seem interesting…

…what is your position on using tools when it comes to PE? There are claim SSJ is hands down best girth exercise in the world I could attest first day was bad ass but haven’t created momentum keep getting injured but as newbie somewhat expected. I’m learning!

Al: There has yet to be invented a device which can duplicate the versatility of the human hand. That being said, tools have their place in training, but I suggest attempting to get as far as you can with manual training for at least 1-2 training cycles first. Not only will you learn what works for you (and what doesn’t) it’ll ensure you didn’t spend money if you didn’t need to.