BPFSL and BPEL, Pelvic Tightness, Adding Girth, & More: Ask the Experts

pelvic tightness

pelvic tightnessBig Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about the theory behind a significantly different BPFSL and BPEL, pelvic tightness, and more, in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I have heard – if your BPFSL is more than 1/2 an inch longer than your BPEL…

… then you probably have a lack of smooth muscle and you should do a routine which consists of 20-30% length exercises and 70-80% girth exercises to get the best results.  I am wondering because my BPFSL is 7.5 inches, where as my BPEL is only 6 inches. Do you think this theory is true?

Big Al: The same can be explained by having especially pliant ligaments and/or tunica- which actually bodes well for potential future gains.  The science behind the anatomy behind how PE works should be based on sound science like “Davis’ Law” (which holds much more weight- as it’s an established “law” and not merely a “theory”).  In my opinion, smooth muscle is likely a passive agent in the growth process, and trainijng should concentrate on expanding the tissues (ligaments, tunica, etc) and in maximizing EQ.

Q. My chiropractor said I have a frozen pelvis,…

…which he said the muscles are so tight they just fight each other and hold my pelvis in place not allowing it to move freely with my hips and surrounding muscles. How do I fight this tightness? Just concentrate on keeping my pc muscles relaxed all the time? Reverse kegels? Will there be something in my program to incorporate this? And how do I control mental arousal? I feel like that’s the other half of the battle when it comes to my spasming.

Big Al:  I’m not a doctor, but I’ve counseled enough clients with this issue to be familiar with it.  While there are some things that you can do on your own to help, you really should see a specialist about this.  Your issues might be related to lower back/hip problems (in addition to overkegeling).

For now, here are some DIY tips that can help:

  • Make sure you take care not to strain when you’re on the toilet
  • Ensure your posture is straight as often as possible
  • Make sure your hamstring and hip muscles are properly stretched daily
  • Do your best to avoid anxiety and stress
  • You should NOT do any type of kegeling at this point.  While I’m familiar with the muscle imbalance theories prevalent on the forums, the fact is — the PC and BC muscles aren’t quite antagonistic to each other, and doing reverse kegels can often bring the PC into play as well as a stabilizer.

Q. Hi, what are your thoughts on how to add around 2 inches of girth…

… if that’s the main focus of mine. I’m at 5″ right now and there’s a goal of mine to get to 7″

Big Al: First, you focus on the girth movements and routine structure that works best for you- if you respond well to high intensity exercises, then the goal will be to increase intensity over time- if it’s high volume, then you might look into decreasing intensit up to a certain point so that you can amp up the volume.  MOST important is raising EQ.  Over the years I’ve found that getting/having a very high EQ is going to make the gaining process MUCH easier.

Q. I tried a stamina session tonight. I can say I was at 70-80% of my expected stamina….

… I will keep on stamina training a few times until I regain my full usually stamina then resume my usual training.  I noted the date of my quit. I will keep writing (porn-free) every time I post in my log as mental support.

Big Al: Understand that the issue of remaining porn free is as much one of will as it is of habit.  Whenever you feel tempted, remember all of the progress you’ve made and make sure to do something positive to take your mind off of it.  You can even use a reward system, in which you treat yourself to something (non-porn or sexually related) for a successful week of being porn free.