Extra Large Condoms

lots of condomsIf your penis is larger than average, you may need to use an extra large condom. Although it’s important that your condom fits snuggly enough to stay in place, once it’s rolled on, it shouldn’t be too tight. If your condom is too tight, it could rip during intercourse.  Likewise, your condom should never fit too loosely. A properly fitted condom will roll on easily and stay in place, while you’re erect.

Written by Kimberly Wylie

Check out the selection of extra large condoms below, that can be delivered easily, conveniently and discreetly to your home. And, visit our Condoms Page, for our other condom varieties, including novelty condoms.

As always, condoms can help prevent pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. However, the only two 100% absolute ways to prevent these two things is abstinence.

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