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    Im going to give this a try but jelq inbetween 70% and 100%. Most of the time i jelq less than 30% and all i get is a contracted penis after a workout. Doesnt sit too well with me seeing how you guys say it isnt good for it to contract or turtle. Maybe doing these at a high erection level will give me different results.. I will use some light grips. I know this is not for begginers but i have been doing girth work for months now but jelqing at a very low pressure and it hasnt made my unit plumper after the workout so i will attempt to jelq at a higher level. I know you guys say erect jelqing is bad but ehh what the heck right? life is life

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    I jelq at 60-80%, and it has never bothered me. I guage how good my jelq is by feeling my glans with my free hand. If I start to feel it swollen to my max comfortable size and it happened closer to the base, I would deem this a good jelq at a good erection.

    Thats just my opinion, I hate jelqing my penis when its at like 30-50%, I don't feel the rush of blood being trapped as easily, and I don't like to squeeze harder.
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      Well i just did a 15 min jelq session mostly between 70 to 100 percent erection and i noticed my glands and head expanded more and i noticed more redness on my unit. I then stretched for 10 min right after that then warmed down. Hard to say whats going to happen but i will keep a look out for it and see if i contract for less amount of time.


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        Just be careful with 100% jelqing. Your chances of injury go way up. Use a light grip.

        I personally think erect jelqing is a waste of time. It might boost EQ, but I don't think it does much for gaining. Think about your dick as a piece of clay. You can't mold a completely hardened piece of clay, can you?

        I know it's not the best analogy, but I think it's pertinent.


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          You know what gator.. i learned here that we all have different amount of layers in our penis and I feel based on my flaccid hang at it lowest point has no girth whats so ever.. it seems deflated most of the time. Thats why i figured erect jelqing or semi erect jelqing is probably much better for people with less layers. I guess its hard to tell but i will see how this works on me. I really hope i am right about the more layers theory because i seem to get a much better plump while im jelqing at 70 percent and up. I guess time will say.. I really think the less layers you have, the more blood pressure you need to have in order for it to be effective

          I also stopped the jelqing when i couldnt easily get hard anymore. I guess that is how i could tell when my dick has had enough of the jelqing for that session
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            I agree with Gator! When your cock is 100%, how can you gain? Where does the blood flow if there is no room? It is pretty damn hard to push the blood against a 100% hard tissue!

            But, I love erect kegel jelqs! Oh my God, thank you Kingpole for writing the Erect Kegel thread and talking about erect kegel jelqs. In January and February by doing erect kegel jelqs, I gained my highest EQ! Amazing! (Unfortunately now I have totally destroyed my EQ with clamping but that's another story). But when I did erect kegel jelqs, I really didn't gain a lot but my EQ went up. But remember guys, light grip and not for newbies!

            So yeah, that's my experience about erect kegel jelqs. And the best time to do them is when edging. Keep playing with your cock, balance near PONR and once in a while do an erect kegel jelq or two. Great!


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              Well its been about 6 hrs since i was done with my sessions and ive had much less contraction then jelqing at 20 to 30 percent.. It seems like jelqing at a higher level benefits me more because im already feeling plumpy. I guess my problem was that i just needed to jelq at a higher level.. I guess its all about getting to know what your unit likes, thanks for the advice fellas I will definitely be careful with those jelqs


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                Yes, it IS all about listening to your body, but you DO need some common sense here as well. Listen to those who have been at it longer than you and have had more experience, for example, just reading the posts of hundreds, if not thousands of fellow p.e.ers. 30 % to 50 % erect worked GREAT for me and for my pal, Kingpole. We made significant gains at those levels of erections.

                Albeit rare, I knew a fellow back at Thunder's, in 2004, who caused permanent damage to his penis jelqing at 100 % erection. One is too many, as far as I'm concerned.
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