Im a newbie to PE. And im not native american/english.

I used Jes Extender for several months ago, for a total time on 1 month. I also stretched my foreskin for 6 months with steroid creams. But im not done stretching the frenulum. And im not done stretching the penis in length or girth.

Every morning and night I manually stretch the frenulum by hands, with a steroid cream called locoid.
My frenulum is a 80% perfect.

Everyday, before I use the Jes Penis Extender, I warmup with jelqs for 10 minutes.
I use the Penis Extender 1-2 hours per day, 5 days per week. And Jelqs 10 minutes before using the extender.
After using the extender i put on a lotion on the penis, called Swole Lotion.

Is this a ok combination or is it bad? Should I do something else, what can you recommend?

Also do you have a tips for how I can make the jes extender more comfortable?
I wish I could use it for more than 1 hour, but its getting painful, so I always need a break. I use silicone tube and cohesive gauze/protection pad.

My goal is to get 1-2 cm more length, and 1 cm increase in girth as fast as possible.

Appreciate every recommendation I can get.