Bonjour guys !

here's what happen. Yesterday i had my first PE beginner training.
i made research on the forum and studied the JP90 Beginner routine, which most of people here recommand to properly condition penis. However i made some adaptation to this because i dont like and can't execute the stretch and kegel simultaneously and the v-Jelq. So it would be very kind if you could read the routine i did and provide some recommandation. Merci beaucoup !

- Warm up (hot shower) 5 minutes

- helicopter shakes : 30 reps

- stretches (holding 5~10 sec, have issues with grip) : stretch out, stretch left, stretch right, stretch up, stretch down, and another stretch left (i do this to fix my slight right curvature)

- kegels : quick kegels (1~2 second by reps) : 30 x 4

- Wet jelqs : 50x3. I use standard lube, water based

- warm down with 5 minutes hot shower

What do you think about it ? can I stick consistently to this routine to my conditioning ?
Advices highly appreciated
Bonne journée !