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I'm on the JP90 routine. It makes my bathroom routine quite extensive. With my exercise routine added to my usual bathroom ritual, I'll be in the bathroom for about an hour. The biggest concern I have with starting with devices before I go any deeper with the routine is if I am using strictly devices, will I still see considerable growth during the time where I am only using these devices? How much of a difference would this growth be compared to if I were to start with the manuel exercises only? And by starting with a stretcher, would that apply too much stress on my penis where when I am finally in a better position to add manuel exercises, my penis would be too conditioned to the stress of devices that manual exercises wouldn't stimulate my penis enough for growth? Sorry if any of these are dumb questions.
You have the rest of your life to grow your unit ProjectMag. For most, growth occurs very slowly so don't try to compare your gains with anyone else's.
I tend to agree with Cavalier's suggestion above that you can start with devices but just stick to that until you get your own place with more privacy. The problem a lot of new guys get into IMO is they are so fired up about the prospect of building their dreamdick that they often do too much too quickly and no matter how many times they are warned of the risks of injury, some just keep adding too much too soon and end up back on here laying blame at the PEgyms doorstep when they only have themselves to blame for not heeding good advice.
If you can get the privacy you need in bed, just take a washcloth or some papertowels to bed with you each night to clean up the lube. I don't know what type lube you use but using coconut oil usually isn't too messy and refined coconut oil doesn't have any odor, whereas unrefined coconut oil smells like coconut.
The best scenario, again just my opinion is to start with manual exs to condition during these next few months that you are still in your parents house. Then once you get your own place, you will be well conditioned and ready to progress safely.
It's likely not going to grow as fast as you want, so just be patient and use the time you're still home for conditioning.
Good luck on your PE goals and finding the job and place of your own that you want!