Hey guys I'm having some problems. I am a novice at PE and am still learning as much as I can about everything. Here are some of my problems.

1. I cannot keep a nice 40-70% erection while jelqing. One time I had to resort to some pornography to keep me up there and I heard that is not a good practice. However it did it's job. Most of the time I don't even know if my penis is at the right amount of erected while jelqing. Sometimes I feel like I'm jelqing at a flaccid state and don't know if I'm getting the blood flowing or not. (And yes I do warm up for 10-15 min in the shower)

2. Stroke time. I have heard that 3-5 seconds of stroke time is fine but I really don't know what works better for my shorter member.

I have more problems but I am kind of short on time right now. Some tips would be much appreciated! Thank you guys.