Okay guys, I need help. I am not exactly sure what the problem is so I made an entire topic so you guys could help me troubleshoot. For the record, my account has been around for a while, I would pop in and read, but I didnít actually start doing anything until recently, so Iím still completely new at this.

I have been following the dry orgasm guide workout routine. I am currently on 1.2 and have been stuck here for a few weeks. I donít feel like I am having any improvements at this point, my erections have not been getting any harder than they were when I started, I still feel fatigue when I do the exercise etc. I donít know what the issue is. I also hoped at this point it would be easier to maintain an erection while standing, however I still canít unless I have pants on (donít worry, this has always been an issue so it isnít overtraining).

I also have had some confusion with kegels. Initially I was much more positive I was doing them right but now less so. I have always heard that the way to be sure you were doing it right was that you could stop your stream of pee in mid flow, but Iím beginning to notice there are two muscles I seem to be able to flex and make it happen. One in the penis itself, the other behind it. If Iím screwing this up this may be part of my problem. Where should I Ďfeelí it when I kegel?

So to summarize:
Where should I feel the kegel? Towards the middle/gland of my penis or at the base/just behind it?

Is it normal to not see any benefits by this point?

Could below average blood pressure (but not lower enough for doctorís to get concerned) be part of this?