I've been doing JP90 for a month now. I started my first two weeks with half the required reps to be done for JP90 to learn the techniques of exercises and also to safely increase the intensity. Currently, I am following JP90 strictly to the script. I have felt and noticed postive PI's on many occasions but mostly like once or twice a week.

What I notice most of the times:-

Usually, I feel that my penis is tired after a session (similar feeling after ejaculation) but I recover within 30 min-1 hour. The rest of the day its just normal (no longer flaccid hang, morning/night wood, etc.).

About in the middle of my routine days, I have noticed longer flaccid hang, hard erections and also morning and night woods but the rest of the week its the usual story.

Note: I strongly feel that I perform my exercises properly. I enjoy my sessions and I feel like I have gone through a proper workout.

So, my questions are:-

1. Is this normal? Am I unnecessarily worrying about this?

2. Can I possibly be under-training?

3.PI's like long flaccid hang, morning and night woods etc. should be felt each day or is it okay if I feel them once or twice a week?

Any kind of suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance for helping me.