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Cooling down or warming down?

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  • Cooling down or warming down?

    Hi everybody!
    I am a newbie and, of course, I have some questions to you. I've read the posts for beginners, but still I have doubts. I do the exercises according to a book, Natural and effective penis enlargement guide, they have a schedule for beginners there:
    Beginner 20-25 Minute Workout
    Warm Up 3 min
    Wet Jelq 8 min
    Dry Milking 4 min
    Basic PC or Kegels Flex 5 min
    Warm Down 3 min.
    After reading some posts here, also I've found out that is indicated to do some stretching exercises, complementing those mentioned above. What's your opinion on this? How long should I stretch?
    Also, to make sure that your results will last, one has to warm down or cool down after the exercised are finished. I'm not a native speaker and want to clarify an issue: cooling down means to use the cloth with cool water, that is, normal water (at room's temperature) and warming down is the reverse process of warming up, that is, use cold water, instead of "cool" water? Moreover, these final exercises (cool down or warm down) should be done after you finish all your PEs, or after finish each in part (i.e. do wet jelq - cool down, do dry milking - cool down and so on)?
    Many thanks.

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    Experience is the best teacher my bro. Thats the best way i can answer your question.
    Growing. Growing. Growing. Grown. Repeat.


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      SunGiver has a great point. You should keep a log of what you try, and keep a routine consistent for four weeks before you make another change.

      That said, I've read around here that guys who tried both found warm downs a better way to go. And the warm down is the very last step in a PE routine for the day. If your PE routine is broken up into several sessions that are hours apart, a few minutes to re-WarmUp would be a good idea.

      How long to stretch: start off with 90 days of a beginner routine. If you are gaining, keep doing that routine. If not, slowly increase the duration of stretching (say 30secs each PE session). As soon as you experience a negative PI, slow down (i.e. take rest days until PI's improve, then restart with a more gentle routine). If you experience gains, keep your routine constant until gains stop (but give it at least four weeks to be sure).

      Have you read the threads at the Start Here link? (top left of page) You can learn about PI's (physiological indicators) there. It's an important part of keeping safe!


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        Adding cold at the end of a session can be a good idea after a particularly difficult session or if you're sore. You can alternate 1 minute of heat with one minute of cold for five cycles (10 minutes total).
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          I use a cooldown 1-2 minutes.
          There is a lengthy thread about this on thunders
          ...and besides Remek himself suggested a cooldown in his book.