Hello to all pe forum, im new here my stats are :
BPEG: 4.7"
So i started a routine like this:
10 minutes warm-up.
5 minutes stretching.
150 wet jelqs
10 minute warm down.

So i feel preety good after this sessions im already month in the program and want to ask some questions:
First of all im doing periods between days like 2 days on 1 day off. How about it is it good or the penis need more to grow?
Secend im doing 150 jelws and im been abale to do like 15-20 jelws and then i start to get too hard. Waiting like 30 sec and continue to the next 15 jelqs. Is this period harm the session? I know it a must but it harm it?

Its only minth and i dont see any progress buy im motivated to suceed!

Thank you for al the help.!