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Jelq and stretch on sets and reps?

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  • Jelq and stretch on sets and reps?

    Hello.I am doing PE for about 3 weeks (not full 3 weeks) and I got into this PE stuff not by this website but from website from my country.Everybody there were doing stretch and jelq on reps and sets not for time like most people here .I wanna ask what 5 min of Jelq (just for example) means?You are not doing rests and you are doing one big set of jelq?Same with stratches I stretch for example 3 sets of 10sec,15 sec,20 sec ( in the beginning it was 3 sets of 10 seconds) in each direction. I am not doing it for minutes.Same with jelq I add 50 more jelqs every week and I am doing a sets of 50-60 reps.So I wanna ask if doing one big set of the exercises is superior then doing sets with rests between ( like 30sec-1 min rest)?Ofc that if you got more or less erection then needed you must rest but if the erection level is good are rests needed or is better without them?It may sound like little stupid question but I wanna do the best choices from the beginning.So rests or no rests?
    starting size:07.2016-NBPEL 15.3 cm;MEG 12.6cm(4.9)

    Now:01.2018-NBPEL 19cm(7.5);MEG 14cm(5.5)