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Need confirmation/direction about my Ballooning technique

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  • Need confirmation/direction about my Ballooning technique

    Hello everybody,
    Itís great to be a part of your community.
    I am hoping you all could tell me if Iím on the right path when it comes to ballooning, and potentially advise me on what I can try next.

    NB: I have read many documents discussing the process etc. I find many contradictory and hard to follow because of the technical language used. But I try to extract whatever wealth I can from them.

    Currently my practise is like this:
    In a standing position, I am rubbing the first two fingers on the Frenulum and clenching the PC muscle (doing a kegel) while doing that. I sometimes move my fingers onto the glans and rub around the urethra or wherever I feel the most sensitivity.

    I do this till I am edging, then I stop and start again, repeating the process. I carry on doing this for at least 20 minutes. I make sure that I do not cum afterwards. Sometimes precum is released, and Iíll use that to lubricate the head, but I wonít proper cum at all. But thatís ok, because it feels like during the experience I have cummed..

    I am really enjoying this so far, I feel I get the experience of an orgasm after each time I reach the point of no return after awhile. Itís hard to describe. Itís just this awesome sensation ó that feeling you get just before you cum, thatís what I get. I think this is what is called a dry orgasm, not sure.. Maybe someone can clarify for me?

    You know when you come, as you ejaculate you seemingly have no control of your penis as it squirts. But during my practise, Iím rubbing, and I feel that great sensation minus any explosion.. What is that?

    Anyhow, would love any feedback telling me what I need to do next, or correcting me where Iím going wrong.

    Itíd be super awesome if someone had a link to a video wherein ballooning was demonstrated in practise, or pehaps some pictures of what it looks like too. All I can find are text based instructions which leaves a lot to my imagination.

    Cheers guys!
    Appreciate the help. Iím looking forward to taking my ballooning to the next level.